Choosing A New Spoon

Glass art is constantly evolving with the changing times so it’s no wonder there are hundreds of different of styles to choose from. Even though there are so many different looks to glass, there are many people who stick to the spoon. While they’re small and simple, they are effective and easy to store due to their small stature. But even these small pieces come in an array of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. So how in the world do you pick one that’s best for you!?

First of all, find something that’s thick. These small spoons can get jostled around and dropped constantly so having one that’s a bit more durable is always nice to have. Thin glass can shatter after just a few uses due to stress from the heat so look for a piece that has a little bit of weight to it. Usually, the heavier the better. Obviously, it you don’t need to be weightlifting with it but you should be able to tell that the glass is thick just by holding the spoon in your hand. 

Another good thing to look for is; will it stand on it’s own? No one wants to deal with a wobbly spoon that’s constantly trying to roll off of the table, right? Be sure the inspect the bottom and make sure that the piece stands firmly by itself. If it rolls away, it may be a little too round and probably not a great design for constant use. Some spoons have a flat part while others even have little legs that they can stand on. Make sure your new spoon has some sort of support so you’re not constantly chasing it.

Spoons that have lots of bends and twists or a narrow stem can clog extremely easy. Look for something that is designed to be easy to clean, as well as something that’s easy to hold! There are plenty of amazingly interesting designs out there but if you can’t actually hold it in your hand, there’s not much of a point to owning it, is there?

Finally, another important aspect of your sweet new spoon is the colors! While these other elements are important, the most important is the fact that you like it! Be sure that you find something that you really like, especially if you plan on utilizing it a bunch! With hundreds of different colors and combinations to choose from in the shop, we’re sure that you’ll find one you love!

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