Feeling Sexy

During the winter months with the cold, dry air and the bulky clothes, it can make a person feel rather un-sexy. February has got to be the worst month for Valentine’s day because the weather is just so unwelcoming. The sun is barely on, so how do you expect me to be turned on?! The one good thing about winter is that it’s a great time for some naughty indoor activities. Here are a few ways to feel sexy for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Pamper yourself! Take a long, hot bath with a glass of wine and some soothing music. It is super relaxing and taking some “me” time for personal grooming is a great indoor activity when the weather is frightful. Light this Cherry Edible Massage Oil Candle during a soothing bath and then moisturize your skin after!
  2. Pick out some new tantalizing lingerie. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than a pair of high heels and a g-string. Not your style? No worries, Manchester Adult Lifestyles has tons of lingerie from sweet babydoll teddies to glamorous robes in many sizes, including plus size. Don’t forget to grab some accessories like thigh highs or gloves!
  3. Practice some more self-love! The winter blues have you down? Cuddle up in bed and spend some quality solo time with a new vibrator. This Miracle Massager promises to steam up those chilly nights.
  4. Try something new between the sheets. Keep your love life fresh and give some thought to trying something new. Experiment with some anal play to keep things spiced up during a winter storm! Give this Anal Starter Kit a try, it comes in three different sizes to start off slow and is easy to wash.


The doldrums of winter don’t have to be spent shivering. Go online to www.manchesteradultlifestyles.com or visit our shop at 179 Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire to start feeling sexy for your Valentine!


-Written By Freelance Writer and Artist, Dani Peasley. She can be reached through email at myrandomcat@gmail.com


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