A Brief Guide To Urethral Sounding

Blog By M. Mitera

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not very vanilla. And if you are, welcome to a whole new world of sexual deviance that you didn’t even know existed! This article will cover some of the basics of sounding, a practice that started as a medical procedure.The point of the procedure was to allow doctors to swab the inside of the urethra to test for abnormalities. But, as usual, the deviant side of humans took this and ran with it, turning it in to a sexual practice. Now, there are quite a few things to remember if you’re going to dabble in sounding. We want to make sure you do it correctly and safely. Be sure to follow this guide for the most pleasurable sounding experience!

You must start with a sound that fits your urethra best. While there are sounds of all different sizes, you shouldn’t be stretching right away. If you do, you can definitely cause some damage. Be sure that you start off with a size that works well for you. With sounding, you need to make sure that the lubricant you use is sterile and that your sounding equipment is clean. Germs and bacteria in the urethra can cause UTIs and other uncomfortable situations. Also clean your hands and penis thoroughly before sounding. You might even want to wear latex or nitrile gloves while doing this to ensure ultimate cleanliness.

After you’ve successfully sterilized the area, squeeze a generous amount of lube on to your penis opening as well at the first few inches of your toy. Using one hand, stabilize the sounding toy. The other hand should be used to steady your penis. This is usually easier to do when flaccid, so definitely keep that in mind. With the help of gravity, let the sound “fall” in to your urethra. Do not force it! The sound will naturally stop on its own. When this happens, let the toy sit for a minute while the muscles relax. After you’ve waited a bit, you can now experiment with moving the sound gently in and out about half an inch. Reapply the sterile lube if necessary.

As you get more experienced in this area, you will notice that you may need to change the angle of penetration. The urethra bends naturally. Don’t force it any further than that. And if you were unaware, the opening in the glans is larger than the urethra itself. Never force a toy that’s too big. While not using sterile equipment can cause UTIs and other complications, you can seriously damage the urethra by using sounding tools that are too big.

If you’re new to sounding, the most important thing to remember is that you should never rush. This is a process that takes time and getting used to. Be sure that you always take it easy. You definitely don’t want to hurt yourself while trying to do something enjoyable! If you have more questions about sounding, you can always stop by the shop to ask one of our knowledgeable employees!


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