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As a parent with kids, it can be stressful trying to figure out what they’re doing when you’re not around. There are more and more dangers available to kids these days. Especially in this area, with the opiate problem, parents need to be as protective as ever. So for those parents who want to be sure their kids are staying away from illicit substances, the uTest At Home Drug Tests are perfect. These tests are cheap, simple, and easy to administer. For only $20, you can make sure that your kids are adhering to your parental rules!

To administer the test, it’s very simple! First, urinate in to a clean specimen cup. Place the cup on a flat surface and immediately start the test. Take the uTest out of the package and immerse the strip in to the urine. After the line appears next to the “C”, take the strip out of the cup and replace the cap. Lay the test on a flat surface and read the results at 5 minutes. Do not wait longer than 5 minutes to read the results or they will be wrong.

Another good use for the at home uTests that we sell here at MALS; testing loved ones to see if they’ve relapsed. With the heroin epidemic as terrible as ever, having access to drug tests can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to help someone stay clean. If you’re dealing with someone who may be relapsing, it might be a good idea to have them utilize one of these tests in order to be sure that they’re not using.

Ingesting drugs while the brain is still forming can have serious effects. Kids especially should be focusing on getting through school instead of experimenting with substances. Sometimes, the only way to be certain that your child isn’t using illicit substances is to test them. While it may seem invasive to some, the risks that come with drug consumption are far more serious and dangerous. If you are worried that your child or someone you love is using, stop by MALS and pick up one of our twelve panel at home drug tests. They really put the “pee” in simple!

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