Christmas At MALs

Blog By M. Mitera

Buying Christmas gifts can be tough, especially if you’re looking in to buying an adult toy for that special someone. The sex toy market has grown immensely in the last few years, making it even more difficult to decide on the perfect gift for your partner. As we usually do, we’ve put together a short list of products that we think will make intimate presents, stocking stuffers, or even gag gifts if that’s what you’re going for!


We’ll start off with something simple. Obviously, it’s hard to go wrong with the basic Jack Rabbit. The design has been fine tuned to the point where it’s pretty much the go-to toy for female pleasure.We recommend the First Time Jack Rabbit! It may seem like something plain from the name but we promise this Rabbit will give your partner the satisfaction they’re looking for. Whether it’s for partner play or alone, the First Time Jack Rabbit is great. It’s powerful and offers three different settings, while also being waterproof!

Looking for a gag gift? We understand that sometimes, you just have to embarrass that one family member at the holiday party. So of course, we have ideas for that as well. The Dicky Chug Sports Bottle is the perfect prank, especially for those who love the gym. You can order it in all different colors as well and it has a handy sports cap to make sure that your beverage is kept clean and cool during your workout!

It could be a Christmas decoration… Or it could be a great addition to your toy collection! Icicles No. 59 is a hand made glass massager, with special attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship. Arriving in a beautiful gift box, the glass is durable and made to withstand rough play. The best part about this toy is it’s ability to include temperature as part of your play! Since glass toys are great conductors of heat and cold, you can run this toy under warm water for a steamy play session or cold water for something a little more tingly.

We’ve definitely recommended these before but since it’s a two-person job, we think it makes for a great couple’s bonding experience during the holidays. Of course, we’re talking about the Clone-A-Willy line. Whether you want to make a milk chocolate mold of your partner or an actual vibrating dildo, there is something for everyone! And now, there’s even a Clone-A-Pussy. This now means that both of you can have clones of your partners genitals when you’re away from each other. If that doesn’t scream romance, we don’t know what does.

Maybe you aren’t looking for a romantic gift but rather something for that person you’ve been seeing but don’t   actually have a title. If you’re a little unsure of what to get a sexual partner that isn’t so much of a romantic interest, we suggest picking up the Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Fantasy Kit. This dufflebag comes with everything you could possibly need for a great night with that sexy person. Including everything from an inflatable position master to a do-it-doggy harness, the kit comes with everything. Bring this over to their house on Christmas Eve and tell them to brace themselves for a very naughty Christmas.

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