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For a lot of people, it’s easier to shop online than go to the store. And sometimes, it’s not only easier but preferred. Not everyone is comfortable coming in and buying some of the things that they would like to buy. While we insist that we’re not scary, we do understand that some customers would rather order from the comfort of their own home. Because of this, we’ve been working diligently to allow online purchases and now, we are able to accept online transactions!

Sometimes, buying sex toys can be a stressful experience. Most people aren’t familiar with adult stores in 2018. The stigma that surrounds adult shops is that they’re seedy, usually dingy, and just strange. MALs is none of those things. We have a wide open, brightly lit store and a staff that is ready to assist you to the best of their abilities. Even though we’ve worked to make sure you’re comfortable when you come in, we do get that it can be a bit awkward. And even though we promise our store is welcoming and awesome, we’re here to help. So now we offer online ordering!

In addition to some customers who may be shy, there are others who simply don’t live near any adult stores. If they don’t want to travel, it can be difficult to obtain the products someone might want. And unfortunately, ordering sex toys online can be a bit of a risk. Sites like Amazon and eBay sell things from all over the world and some of the items may not be safe for the kind of exposure that they’ll be getting. If you buy your toys from MALS, you can be certain that they are well made products that are safe for the purposes that they’re made for.

So if you use your credit or debit card to make purchases online, you can now buy things at MALS. No matter where you’re at in the continental US, we can mail your purchases directly to you! That way, even if you live far from us or just can’t seem to find the time to make it in, you’ll still be able to purchase quality products from Manchester Adult Lifestyles. If you have any questions about online purchasing, please feel free to email us or call the shop at (603)626-5956!

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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