Rolling Paper Varieties

Rolling your own cigarettes is a time honored tradition. It allows you to really customize what you are smoking by choosing your own tobacco and paper to roll it in. There are a few different options for rolling papers that can affect taste, ease of rolling, and your health.

  • Cigarillo or Blunt Wraps: These types of papers are much thicker than any other because the paper is made with tobacco. They can be flavored, or unflavored. With these papers you are getting much more tobacco and by-products into your smoke which will affect the taste of whatever tobacco you choose to fill them with. We carry Juicy Jay and Zig-Zag brand blunt papers.
  • Wood pulp: Rolling papers that are made from wood pulp are popular because they are easy to find and roll with. They can come in flavored or unflavored varieties. They are thinner than blunt wraps but still have enough meat to roll a fatty. You can find Zig-Zag brand papers in our shop, made from wood pulp.
  • Hemp: Hemp rolling papers are made with industrial hemp. They have an earthier flavor and some say they are healthier to smoke with because there is very little by-product when burnt. We carry Raw brand products such as rolling papers, filters and cones. Juicy Jay brand rolling papers are also available in a variety of flavors.
  • Rice: Rice papers are extremely thin, making little to no ash when smoked. There is basically no flavor which allows the tobacco that you roll with to really shine. Fans of rice paper claim that it is one of the healthiest alternatives because it is so thin and very little is actually smoked. You can find Elements brand rice papers at Manchester Adult Life Styles.

Different rolling papers suit different needs and smoking preferences. Pick up a pack of each kind at Manchester Adult Life Styles and try them all out!


Blog by Dani Peasley, a freelance writer and artist from Contoocook.  Dani can be reached through email at

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