Toxic Vs Non Toxic Sex Toys; What To Watch For

Blog By M. Mitera

We know that buying a sex toy can be overwhelming but it’s not the best idea to just run in to an adult shop, pick up the first toy you  see, and run out without actually studying the item that you’re purchasing. It’s important to be sure that the materials your new toy is made out of are appropriate for your body and aren’t going to be a breeding ground for mold or bacteria to build up. Unfortunately, buying new toys can be a bit confusing, especially when you’re unsure of the difference between the labeling of “body safe” vs “non-toxic” on sex toys.

Toxic is the containment of poisonous substances in a toy. While the chances of your sex toy murdering you are fairly low, these materials can cause adverse effects that are definitely unpleasant and can have a negative effect on

the body. The most apparent toxic substance in sex toys is phthalates but it is thankfully on the decline. Using toys containing these toxic substances aren’t going to hurt you with one or two uses but it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid these things all together. Be sure to make sure that your toy states that it’s free of phthalates. Heavy metals can also be contained in sex toys but is much less common.

Non toxic is a term used for materials that are porous but are unlikely to contain anything harmful.”Flesh” like toys tend to fall in to this category such as the Fleshlights. TPE/TRP labeled toys also fall under the non toxic umbrella. However, it’s important to note that PVC could also fall in to this bracket but should always be researched to be sure that the brand has not failed lab tests for certain chemicals. Since non toxic toys are made of porous materials, they will eventually need to be replaced as they form a breeding ground for bacteria that cannot be cleaned. The pores hold bacteria and germs and with those colonies, the material will degrade over time. If you notice that your toy is sweating an oily substance or changing color, immediately dispose of it. Be aware that these toys can sometimes cause vaginal infections in some people.

So what’s the best option? Stick to toys that are non porous if you’re worried that cleaning won’t be enough. Good ideas for toys in this case are surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, glass, and wood that has been sealed with food grade sealant that won’t be able to wash away. Be sure to clean all toys with cleaner and make sure to store them in the proper place. Do your research before buying anything and never, ever rush yourself when picking up a new toy.

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