Virtual Reality Sex

Blog By M. Mitera

Technology has changed the way that we interact in our personal relationships. Being able to see a loved one on a screen from hundreds of miles away has made long distance much more bearable. But humans always seem to want to take it to the next level. And now they have with virtual reality sex and porn. With virtual reality becoming more refined and fine tuned as the days go on, the benefits of having a product such as this are extensive. From people who have social anxieties that prevent them from forming relationships to therapy for sex crime victims, virtual reality sex/porn is thought to provide help to some people who may not be able to experience these situations in the real world.

Firstly, people in long distance relationships would benefit heavily from VR sex. If your loved one is away on business, lives across the country, or perhaps is in the military and currently deployed, VR sex might be something to think about. Video chats made long distance much easier. Think of how small the distance would seem if you and your partner could share a sexual experience together, even though you’re apart!

For people with physical limitations, VR sex could open up a door to a world of things that they couldn’t experience otherwise. In virtual reality, you can be and do whatever you want. Unfortunately, those that have physical differences may not have the best luck in finding a partner in the real world and haven’t been able to fully experience a sexual situation. With VR, there are no limitations and everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest. This goes for those with mental issues as well. Extreme anxiety and depression can severely impact a person’s sex life. Being able to have the experience without the worry of rejection is something that almost anyone could be on board with.

With the world being as large as it is, we have to remember that there are people who live in remote areas whether by choice or for their jobs. Humans are not meant to be solitary creatures so with the introduction of VR sex, people who don’t live near others could still have intimate experiences even though they’re isolated. Obviously, VR cannot compare to the real thing but it can be a good placeholder if you’re somewhere far from civilization for a while.

Since VR isn’t reality, there is also the possibility of experimentation. Some people are afraid that their kinks and fetishes will be judged by a new partner. But if you can experience these things in VR, there’s no risk of rejection of judgement. You can have the freedom to do what you want and experiment how you want without having to feel like someone is making a poor opinion of you and your kink!

Possibly the most positive benefit of VR sex would be the therapy aspect. So many people are victims of sexual abuse. It can ruin their feelings for intimacy forever. Even with the treatments available (which include long lists of pills and years of therapy), some people never recover from the situations they’ve lived through. If VR sex has the potential to positively impact a patient in one session as compared to years in therapy, that’s a huge benefit to those victims.

Of course, there are some cons to VR sex. Blurring the lines between reality and virtual reality can get dangerous. But at the same time, would having VR sex provide a doorway to asking more questions about how we connect with each other on a physical level and our relationships over all? And if VR sex would provide therapy for abuse victims, shouldn’t we absolutely investigate that potential? We will definitely have to see what the future holds for intimate relationships!

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