Your First Sex Toy

Blog By M. Mitera

Buying a sex toy for the first time can be a harrowing experience. You’ve never done this before an maybe you’ve never even been in adult shop. From what you know, they might be a little scary, even seedy. Online shopping is an option but a lot of people like to see what they’re buying before they buy it, especially when it comes to sex toys. And how do you even know what to get? With so many options, standing at a wall of vibrators can be overwhelming. But don’t be scared about this experience! It can be a great learning adventure that will send you on your way with a great toy that’s sure to leave your legs feeling like Jell-O.

First things first; if you’ve never used a toy before, it’s a good idea to start small. Don’t start off with the largest, most intense, insane vibrator you locate. Especially since those toys can cost a pretty penny, you don’t want to purchase an expensive toy that you end up not being comfortable with. The best part about sex toys is that there’s always more! If you buy a little cheap toy at first and discover that yeah, you need something more powerful, you can always upgrade! You don’t want to buy a heavy duty toy only to find out that you’re not a fan of internal stimulation or you don’t care for toys that twist or you’re absolutely in love with wands and that’s all you ever want to use for the rest of ever. There are so many toys to pick from, it’s best to just start off pretty basic!

The materials of the toys also should play a part in what you’re buying. Some people have very sensitive skin and have reactions to latex, so be sure to read the labels before you purchase. It’s always smart to stick with materials that are easy to clean and non-porous. Glass, silicone, and steel are all awesome choices. Read up on what materials work best and make a choice based on what you think you’ll prefer! Each material has it’s upsides so do some reading! It’s also important to make sure that the toy is body-safe, so read the label to ensure that it is!

While we’re on the subject of materials, it’s SO IMPORTANT to find the right lubricant for you AND the toy you’re using. You don’t want to buy your first toy and an incorrect lubricant because you can ruin a toy with the incorrect kind. Silicone lubricant destroys silicone toys. Some people have sensitive skin and can’t handle flavored lubricant.

hand of women pulling white sheets in ecstasy, orgasm.

Be sure to look over all of your options and consider what you know about yourself and the toy you’ve picked out before selecting a lube.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a toy is to take your time. There are tons of options that are available to you and there’s absolutely a toy out there for you! Don’t rush in to picking the first toy you see on the shelf because you’re uncomfortable in the store… In fact, if you’re uncomfortable in the store, you should leave and find a store that you’re comfortable with being there! Buying your first toy should be an enjoyable experience, not one that leaves you feeling weird.

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